What Should I Wear?


For the day of your session, you can arrive in comfortable, loose clothing.  You are welcome to bring flip-flops (you will be walking across the hall to our second studio several times).  Some ladies like to bring hard soled slippers, and that is fine, too!  Upon your arrival, you will be given a clean robe to change into, as this gives plenty of time for clothing "lines" to disappear from your bra straps, elastic waistband, socks, etc.  

You will be responsible for packing and bringing your own outfits on the day of the shoot.  We will get to 4-6 outfit changes during your 90-minute session.  If you want to do any topless shots (about 98% of our clients choose to do topless images), then that cute pair of panties does count as one outfit.  Should you choose to do any full nude images (about 20% of our clients decide to do some tasteful full nude images), then your birthday suite counts as one outfit, also.  Remember...you do NOT have to spend a bunch of money at Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood.  Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and other similar stores have great choices for half the price (or less).  Please feel free to contact one of us any time to get our advice on clothing choices.  

My opinion on jerseys??  They are terrible.  I hate shooting them.  They will make you look at least twice as big as you are.  So, unless you are a size 0-2, I do NOT suggest bringing one, as they are truly NOT sexy.  What do I suggest instead?  You can bring a cute pair of boy shorts, tank top, socks, or even thong panties with your or your partner's favorite sports team.  This will be MUCH sexier and more flattering in the pictures...I promise you!

If you are coming in for a bridal boudoir shoot, I encourage you to bring any items that are special and specific to your wedding day, including jewelry, garter, shoes, veil, etc.  We do have a veil at the studio that you are welcome to use for some sultry topless veil shots, should you choose!

Have you read your Preparing for Your Shoot page and watched your instructional video??  If not, please take about 15-20 minutes and do that now!  I am looking forward to your shoot!