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Are you interested in wedding photography??  Are you located in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, or surrounding area?  Well, guess what, we shoot weddings, too. must go over to our wedding photography business' site, Cherry Grapes Photography.  Moth to a Flame and Cherry Grapes Photography are completely separate businesses, and always will remain as such.  Moth to a Flame does not shoot weddings...but, Amanda and Erica do (the two ladies who own Moth to a Flame)!  Make sense?  :-)  So, yes, you'd be getting the AMERICA team on your big day!!!


Common Questions:

1) Can I add a boudoir shoot to a wedding package?  No.  Moth to a Flame and Cherry Grapes Photography are separate entities.  

2) Do I receive any sort of discount for using both companies/services?  Yes. All brides who sign with Cherry Grapes Photography will receive $100 off of a session with Moth to a Flame.  And, all Moth to a Flame clients will receive a 5% discount off a wedding package with Cherry Grapes Photography.  :-)