Our Transformations

The women that we do photo sessions for are regular, every day ladies that you would see in the grocery aisles.  They are requested to come to the studio with clean, moisturized faces and freshly washed hair.  After that, Erica does the rest to transform a bride-to-be, a hardworking career woman, or a stay-at-home mother into a flirty, fierce and fabulous vixen!  Our goal is to make you look and feel glamorous while you are in our hands.  Review these transformations, and realize, it can be you!


We were so excited to do Meggan's boudoir shoot for her husband, a handsome Army man, who definitely got lucky when he met this nurse at Pizza Hut!  She was one of my brides through Cherry Grapes Photography, and, as I grew to know her, my thrill for this boudoir shoot grew!  She filled her session with stunning lingerie, as well as several shots of herself in William's Army jacket.  Those shots are hot!  ;-)  She had a great time, and has actually modeled for us a couple of times since this first shoot, as a bride coming to Moth to a Flame!

When we decided to hire a model to do a shoot for us for advertising purposes, we honestly could NOT have gotten luckier with darling little Melissa.  Certainly a professional to the core, she was still very giddy to sit in Erica's chair and be pampered for the day.  With full hair and make-up, she delivered us the most epic (her words exactly) model shoot of all time!  We look forward to her becoming one of our "regular" Moth to a Flame models!!