I was looking for the perfect 20th anniversary gift for my husband, I wanted to do something very special that he would never expect. I succeeded only problem was my anniversary is a couple months away and I was so excited about how well they turned out I gave them to him the day my albums arrived! Amanda and Erica are professional and fun. They both do such amazing work and their passion for their client is wonderful. This whole experience I recommend to anyone considering boudoir photographs and I definitely recommend Moth To AFlame! My son saw a headshot I was sharing with my girlfriend and exclaimed to his brother "that was mom when she was younger", to which I wanted to say "yes, about 30 days younger". That is how Erica will make you look and Amanda will capture. The comments my husband made about the photos I selected made me love him even more! I do still have an anniversary gift that he has to wait for and that is access to all the other pictures from which I had to pick. Even if you don't have someone special to share them with I highly suggest even doing it for yourself it was a wonderful gift to myself also!
I had my shoot done in August of 2015. It was a 30th birthday gift to my new husband. He loved the book. But to be honest I think I loved my experience MORE! I love the girls! They are great. Very professional. They made me feel so comfortable despite the fact that I was very much lacking clothing. I really feel in my heart that it was some of the best money I have spent. Wouldn't trade it for anything. And I tell all my friends if you are even CONSIDERING doing a boudoir shoot the ONLY place to go is Moth to a Flame.
I had such an amazing time working with Amanda and Erica! They made the whole experience so fun and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am SO happy with my pictures. I definitely want to do this again. It was one of the most fun experiences of my life!! My husband loved the picture book too! Everyone should do this with Amanda and Erica!
I did a maternity boudoir shoot & loved every minute of it! At a time in my pregnancy when I felt huge and not very attractive any more I got an experience that made me look at my pregnancy so differently. There are few things you can ever go back & redo, a pregnancy of each of your children isn't one of them. I wanted to capture the "belly" shots in a very elegant way and yet feel like I looked amazing, Amanda & Erica helped me achieve that! I tell every pregnant woman I can to try it, you will be so glad you did.
This was one of the best experiences! These ladies are fun, considerate, and professional. I was made to feel very special, and that's really important. I had a relaxing and enjoying time. This was a gift to my husband, and both Amanda and Erica made it a great time. I will do this again! Thank you Girls!
12.Makes Your Inner Beauty Glow Through(non-registered)
Had my photo shoot Aug 2014. I did this a bridal gift to my soon to be husband. I can't not wait to show him! I went to an open house for MTAF and fell in love with Amanda and Erica and their work. They have such a beaming/happy personality you can't help but like them! I knew I had to try it out and my wedding gave me a great reason too. I am sure like many others I was super nervous going into it. But you get to listen to music and drink some wine while you are getting pampered by Erica. Erica did an amazing job on my make up. I wasn't caked on, I looked flawless. Then Amanda really helped you feel comfortable, confident & of course sexy! HIGHLY recommend! You won't be disappointed!...
Looking back on my experience with Moth to a Flame dynamic duo Amanda and Erica, I was pretty nervous! It was my first time having boudoir photos taken, and the book was to be a 20th wedding anniversary gift for my husband. First off, both Amanda and Erica went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and less nervous. They are both very professional, while at the same time, love what they do and make it fun! When I got there, we looked at the outfits I brought and then Erica did her magic - a make-up artist she is!! That was the easy part for me, now it was time to change for the photo session and I started to get nervous again. In a short time, while talking about poses and outfits, Amanda had me cracking up and really having fun!! So, if you are nervous, somewhat reserved, and/or a first timer, I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Moth to a Flame Photography. Oh and, almost forgot to mention - my husband loved the book (and so do I)!!! Thanks Amanda and Erica - cheers!
I originally thought about having boudoir photos taken as a gift for my husband. Our 15 year anniversary was coming up and I was struggling with what to get him. I am a pretty reserved person so I knew he would never suspect something like this and I could actually surprise him. The entire process was amazing and while it really was a gift for my husband, it ended up being a gift for me as well. Amanda and Erica are both wonderful. I'm not crazy about having my picture taken and certainly have body complex issues, but these ladies made me feel so comfortable! They are professional, but fun and do everything to make sure you are comfortable and having a good time. Their goal truly is to make the experience one to remember, to make it all about you. For all the moms out there, you know it very rarely (if ever) is all about you! So it was a welcome change! Erica works magic with make-up and hair, and Amanda is so talented behind the camera. They make the perfect partners. I believe every woman should do this whether for their man or themselves! It was so much fun and my hubby LOVES the book I gave him! He was definitely surprised! If you are thinking of having boudoir photos taken, I HIGHLY recommend America! They are a treasure!
First and foremost, everyone MUST do boudoir shots with AMERICA! They are absolutely an amazing team. They make this very private, very intimate, very personal photo shoot feel like you are with your best friend. These ladies get to know you and they make these photos about you. They help you pick your inspirations. Then when you get in the studio, Erica make you feel like a queen while she dolls you up. She is truly an artist and can make you look your very best. Meanwhile, Amanda will help get your outfits together to make you look fabulous. They will guide you through poses and help you seductively take on the camera. I truly felt like it was just me in the room. They know how to encourage you, build you up, and make you feel absolutely fabulous!!!! Then come the picture and POW.....you will be shocked!!!! I am a curvy women and I am not always a fan of the way I look in pictures but Amanda is so talented and knows how to position you to best suit your body. She is amazing!!! The pictures blew me away and my husband absolutely LOVED them.!!!!This was such an amazing experience with AMERICA I have strongly urged everyone I know to sign up with them!!! You will have a blast and whether you do this for a man or just for you, trust me, it will be worth it!!!!
I cannot say enough great things about these ladies!!!! I knew they were AWESOME from seeing their work but had NO CLUE they could make me feel so beautiful, sexy and fun like they did. I have never in my life felt more beautiful than I did that day!! These girls are fun sweet and make u feel so comfortable. Erica does a fabulous job of hair makeup and will make your eyes POP like no other. Amanda guides you through each pose and does a STELLER job!!! Just when u think ages taken the best one yet you see another and are just blown away. They make this time about YOU and what YOU want and focus on you and your best asset. They help accessorize and and just make everything PERFECT!!!! You will not ever regret doing this. It's so much fun!!!
Whether this is for you, your fiancé or husband it's TOTALLY worth it and you will not be disappointed!!! Pictures last a lifetime and why not have one of the best life experiences ever captured by MOTH TO A FLAME. The memories and experiences I have doing this will always be one of my favorite ones. Thank u so very very much. I am so thankful to be able to have worked with you!!! Thank u to the moon and back for EVERYTHING you did for me. Words cannot express the happiness I have when I look back on the day with you!!! I DEFINATELY WOULD RECOMMEND MOTH TO A FLAME PHOTOGRAPHY. THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
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