We are really excited that you are interested in doing a shoot with Moth to a Flame! 

1) What should I expect from my shoot?

Let us start by telling you about your luxurious experience when having a boudoir session with us...We start by getting to know you, your hobbies, your career, your interests, so that we can perfect your boudoir session. By sending you an introductory questionnaire, we begin the process of pampering you.  After answering a short series of questions that help us get you know you, and you get to know us, we can better personalize your session.  This will cover everything from wardrobe to nail polish!! On the day of your shoot, we start your session with professional makeup and lashes and hair styling, capturing the moments all along the way to truly tell the story of your day with us. After we have you looking gorgeous and your outfits chosen, your approximate 90 minute boudoir shoot begins. During the shooting time you can trust that we will make you look fierce, flirty and fabulous! 

2) Where can I see package information on the site?

You can go to our Packages page under Gimme the Scoop for package pricing and information.  Please call or email us with additional questions and/or to book your session!

3) How do I purchase prints or digital images?

For your convenience, we will upload all of your high res images into a private online gallery, where you can view and enjoy them, as well as download them, from the comfort of your own living room. All of our items come from the highest quality labs in the United States, including the most gorgeous papers and materials.  We also offer many other specialty items, (i.e. calendars, mugs, cards, key chains, etc.) as well.  

4) When do I pay?

The way that we do business, is that you pay for your session THE DAY YOU BOOK.  We do it this way for two reasons.  We put a lot of time and energy into planning a special shoot for each lady.  We have no "cookie cutter" shoots at Moth to a Flame.  That being said, that is time away from our homes, our children, etc.  So, that fee pays for us to prepare your shoot.  Your $200 session fee comes off of your total package price.  Your remaining balance will be due the day of your session, and money is collected upon arrival.  Approximately two weeks after your shoot, we will upload all of your images into your private online gallery.

5) What if I want to reschedule my photo shoot?

We realize that "life" happens.  And, we are happy to work around your reschedule.  We allow two reschedules within a six month time frame, for the convenience of our clients.  However, your booking fee that you pay the day you schedule with us is non-refundable.  So, if you book with us, and then decide that you are not going to do the shoot at all, ever, then we keep the booking fee for our time and trouble. 


Contact us or call us for more information or to schedule a session at 937.683.2003.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!