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Amanda HoodPhotographer/Shoot Styling

AMANDA HOOD:photographer Hello, Gorgeousness!  I love that you want to get to know me.  I look forward to getting to know you before your shoot, as well.  Since before I started shooting boudoir photography in Dayton, Ohio, I started my other photography business a few years ago, Cherry Grapes Photography, shooting weddings and families.  Although I have also been a computer programmer, website designer, and college instructor, I have been a professional photographer in the Dayton area for the past seven years, doing this career (boudoir) full-time for almost five years.  Erica has been my right-hand lady for several years now, working by my side, doing make-up for my Cherry Grapes Photography brides, senior girls, and beautiful mothers.  After we began shooting boudoir photography, we knew that this was a genre we wanted to incorporate into our lives.  

In addition to shooting boudoir, and ladies in general, I am part of the anti-aging movement in the United States, helping lead the expansion of Jeunesse natural anti-aging products, throughout the midwest.  I currently lead an amazing team, here in Dayton, Ohio, and I am loving my third job!!

I am a lucky mother of three beautiful children, two boys and one spunky girl.  My husband and I have been together for over a decade, and I have been blessed with his support to continue this growing venture!  I know, firsthand, what it is like to be a mother, working outside of the home or not, and feel like you never do anything for yourself.  Hence, my want to start this business!

Shooting boudoir, and women in general, gives me a perfect way to contact, and build relationships, with ladies outside of my friendly little circle.  It allows me to reach out, professionally and socially, with females, all while making them feel sexy and empowered.  For me, boudoir photography is a win-win!






Erica Aspacher:  Make-up Artist/Hair/Shoot Styling

AMANDA HOOD:photographer Let’s sum up the boring parts fast…I graduated from Wright State University with an Accounting degree.  I spent five years behind a desk, THEN I had my first baby.  I couldn’t leave her, so I became a stay at home mom.  Now on to the fun parts!  I am the mother to two WONDERFUL girls. I am married to the sexiest man on Earth, and I love him very much. My girls are older now, and it’s time to do some things for myself and my family.  I have been learning from, and assisting, the most amazing photographer and friend (Amanda Hood) for several years. I started doing make-up for her brides, seniors, and moms, so it was a natural progression for us to join forces, thus the birth of Moth to a Flame Boudoir Photography. Together, we have a ton of experience with brides (bridal boudoir photography) and REAL women (perfect for our fabulous, fancy, flirty boudoir).

Some insight on me:

I like…to have a good time, I’ll try anything once!  This hasn’t always worked out for me, ask my mom!

I like…being crazy with my little girls.

I like…friendships that matter, that build each other up.

I like…good wine and good beer (not at the same time).

I like…vacations, preferably some place warm.

I like…feeling pretty and sexy and making others feel pretty and sexy (how better to do both than boudoir photography)!

I like…eating healthy (don’t always succeed) and exercising (really I do).

I like…my job, mostly because it doesn’t feel like a job (that doesn’t mean it’s easy).


I don’t like…being told no.

I don’t like…feeling like I have limitations!

I don’t like…not getting enough sleep; but, then again, who does?

I don’t like…not having enough time in the day to do all I need to do.

I don’t like …when the hot water runs out!

Most of all, the one thing I love is empowering people to be their best, to take chances in life and move forward.  My family, my friends and my art are the most important things in the world to me!  This is because they help me help others and inspire me to be my best self!





It is so important for us to get to know each and every one of our ladies, prior to completing her boudoir shoot.  We concentrate on knowing who you are, and what you hope to take away from this experience.  Keep in mind, this shoot is for YOU.  And, we will be making it about YOU...not about your fiance, your husband, your boyfriend, or anyone else.  You, Sexy Pants! You.

We didn't just start this boudoir photography business to empower women and make ladies feel amazing (although that is great).  We did it, too, because boudoir photography makes US feel amazing.  And, after all, we are girls.  We got needs, Jack!  ;-)


Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the Moth to a Flame team!  We look forward to making you feel fabulous, fancy and flirty!


AMERICA (pick up on that?)  ;-)


Moth to a Flame, LLC.  

Real women.Real sexy


Moth to a Flame in Dayton, Ohio photographer Amanda Hood. Moth to a Flame specializes in boudoir photography, glamour photography, bridal boudoir, glamour sessions, couples boudoir, and more. Our Boudoir studio is located in Dayton, Ohio at 1001 East Second Street, Suite 1120. Boudoir Photography Cincinnati Ohio. Serving Dayton, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio.